Monday, June 06, 2005

Did the Blind Squirrel Find a Nut?

Or is Menino just talking out of both sides of his ass...again? I realize this story is a few days old by now and I'm only just getting around to it. Sue me.

In response to this:

Robert Mullen, a two-year veteran of the city's Transportation Department, was writing a ticket at the corner of Charles and Stuart streets Thursday afternoon when a driver, who mistakenly thought he was the intended recipient, jumped out of his car and threatened to break Mullen's legs. The driver grabbed a baseball bat from his car and swung at the officer, narrowly missing his legs, and tried to knock loose the officer's ticket book with a karate chop.

Our benevolent ruler, Mayor Menino had this to say:

This parking officer was just doing his job, and the guy was a lawbreaker who wanted to commit mayhem.

You mean it wasn't the BAT's fault, and "bat control" ISN'T the solution? I'm confused.

Why is it that every time some crackhead shoots some kid in the park or robs an old lady of her bingo winnings at gunpoint, it is invariably the gun's fault, and the person holding the gun is merely an unfortunate victim of our oppressive, racist society? This, naturally, is promptly followed by the obligatory cries for even stricter gun control measures, laws which are obeyed only by non-criminals.

But, should some nutjob go after a metermaid (meterperson?) with a bat, it's the fault of the violent individual and not the inanimate object in his hand.

A modicum of consistency would be nice here, but I realize that's asking a lot of the "progressive" minds that run this town.