Monday, June 06, 2005

From 100 Miles Away

Remember these sweet little choirboys from a few months back?

MEDFORD, Mass. -- Several teenagers were arraigned in a Somerville courtroom Thursday after allegedly attacking a group of police officers at a local carnival Wednesday night.


"He went to them, 'Please move along, we have to disperse the crowds here.' They confronted the officer, the officer was struck, (and) the officer called for assistance," said Glynn.

Even when backup arrived, the officers were outnumbered. The teens allegedly punched, kicked and hit the officers with their own nightsticks.

"At one time, some of the individuals who were involved ripped a baton off the belt of one of the officers. The officers, through their training, covered their guns to make sure nobody could get access to their guns," said Glynn.


Three of the police officers were sent to an area hospital after the incident. One officer required reconstructive dental surgery.

Apparently, the officer who attacked his own baton with his teeth while that nice young man was holding it for him did so out of racial intolerance. OK, show of hands - who didn't see this one coming from a hundred fucking miles away?

Community rallies to teens' defense

Religious and community activists yesterday called for the Middlesex district attorney's office to conduct a more thorough investigation into the arrest of five black teenagers following a fight with Medford police.

At a rally in Dorchester yesterday, at least one activist suggested that the district attorney's office step aside in this case, which speakers called another example of racial profiling.


Rodney Muhammed, Nation of Islam minister in Dorchester, compared the youths to the white males from Milton Academy who were charged with the statutory rape of a female student. He said the justice system is treating the teens in this case more harshly.

NO SHIT, ASSHOLE! These little cherubs you are defending here brutally attacked several law enforcement officers and assaulted them with their own weapons. To even attempt to draw a parallel between this incident and the Milton Academy case is just disgusting. Yet, somehow it's always the fault of the evil white man for keeping the black man in the ghetto.

Hey, minister, how about doing something to improve your community and advocating a radical concept called "personal responsibility". I got a news flash for you: Criminals come in all colors. This is not a matter of race, it's a matter of decaying moral values, total lack of respect for the law, and complete indifference toward the safety and well-being of one's own community.

As far as this bullshit "self-defense" claim goes, I'll just leave you with this:

[after a battered crook has accused Harry of beating him]

Chief: Have you been following that man?

Harry Callahan: Yeah, I've been following him on my own time. And anybody can tell I didn't do that to him.

Chief: How?

Harry Callahan: Cause he looks too damn good, that's how!

If these police officer were the aggressors in this situation, as the members of the PVB would have you believe, it wouldn't have been one of the cops sent to the hospital to get his jawbone pieced back together.