Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Now Where Did I Put That Horse?

And so the beating of the old dead horse continues:

Thugs terrify Allston Jew with swastika on her door

A disabled Allston resident is fearing for her safety thanks to vandals carving ominous swastikas on her front door.

"I’m American. I’m 38 years in this country," said Yaffa Zaafarani, 60. "We are very honest, loving people. We don’t believe in hating other people."

It's a shame your elected officials don't share that outlook, and view you as a threat to society who can't be trusted to provide for your own security in the most efficient means possible. Hint: you might want to keep that in mind come November.

Her brother, Isaac Zaafarani, has shrugged off his share of anti-Semitic comments over the years, but is worried for his sister’s safety.

"This is the worst thing you could do to a lonely, very sick woman," said Zaafarani, 50.

Sorry, Isaac, but that prize goes to Massachusetts Attorney General, Tom Reilly, who has done everything in his power (and then some) to ensure that the disabled and elderly people in the Commonwealth are not able to purchase or use handguns to defend themselves against the threats of violence experienced by the most vulnerable residents of our city on a daily basis.

That's what they call "common sense" 'round these parts.

"Once a swastika is put up, the next thing is violence. That’s why I’m worried," Isaac Zaafarani said.

Well, you know that. And I know that. But tell that to the police as you attempt to get them to grant you permission to buy a gun and see what they have to say on that matter. Another hint: it rhymes with "Go screw".

And should you and your sister decide to pursue this option, you'd better leave a note on your front door for your neighborhood white supremacists asking them not to assault you until sometime this November while you wait for the city to lose process your gun permit application. Oh, and I hope she can accurately shoot a .38-caliber revolver one-handed in double-action mode at a target 21' away.

Mayor Tom Menino this week was “outraged” by the act and said Boston is no place for hate.

Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. Did you say something, Tom?

On a somewhat related topic...

Senator Gasbag Speaks...Unfortunately.

Incidentally, did you know that the name "Chappaquiddick" is derived from an old Indian expression meaning "over-bloated hypocritical windbag"?

Kennedy: Supreme Court nominee must support rights of disabled

"The basic question the American people are entitled to know is where this justice is going to be, on whose side is he going to be," said Kennedy. "There has to be a sense that he will be on the side of those who have been excluded, of those who have been left out ... and that he or she is going to say we are not going back."

Good question. So tell us, whose side are you on, asshole?

You've dedicated a significant portion of your "illustrious" career to denying some of the most vulnerable members of society the means to defend themsleves from those who would choose to cause them serious, physical harm - harm inflicted against said individuals, at times, based solely on their race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Your disgraced name is like a rash covering the pages and pages of legislation, which you have both sposnsored and voted for, that has served only to restrict the rights of and disarm the law-abiding elderly, infirmed, and disabled citizens of this country, while allowing the violent criminal element to follow their chosen career path with little fear of retribution from their intended victims...or the state.

Where's the compassion, Ted?