Monday, August 01, 2005

The A's and the B's

(formerly known as: The Birds and the Bees)

Just when you think Massachusetts couldn't possibly be any more screwed up, along comes a story like this one to restore your perspective. Apparently, in the Bay State, the words "mother" and "father" are now considered discriminatory and offensive to some. By this time next June, all I'll have to look forward to is my kids wishing me a happy "Oppressive White Male Parent's Day".

Birth certificates are supposed to establish identity and parentage. In Massachusetts, the only state in the union where same-sex marriage is legal, gay rights advocates want the words "Mother" and "Father" removed from birth certificates, and put in their place the terms "Parent A" and "Parent B."


It's called a BIRTH certificate, you morons! It's not a record of adoption, or a document of legal guardianship, or a declaration of parental rights. It's the legal record of a live, human...wait for it...BIRTH! You remember that concept from health class, right? That whole sperm and egg thing?

As I've said on several occasions, I fully support the rights of same-sex couples to marry and to adopt children (and, contrary to our tolerant, "progressive" leadership, to keep and bear arms), but this just flies in the face of all things logical. Not that I should be surprised by that - this is Massachusetts, after all.

Question: If a woman has a child via a surrogate mother and a sperm donor, but then changes her mind about being a parent and gives her child up for adoption, and that child is adopted by a lesbian couple, whose names should be entered on the new politically-correct, feel-good "birth" certificate?

Hint: The child's MOTHER and FATHER, you friggin' nitwits! The two sources of DNA that now comprise the DNA of the child. Not that that argument will hold water in front of a judge on the SJC here in Massachusetts, but I figure I'd put forth that radical concept, regardless.

Massachusetts: Taking the "logical" out of "biological".

(link via SondraK)