Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Mumbles Chronicles (cont.)

Tommy Menino's leadership skills are on prominent display in the pages of the Boston Herald this morning.

Menino adviser resigns

A day after being outed as a deadbeat dad with a checkered criminal past, Menino appointee Kevin Peterson resigned as co-chairman of a key Boston election reform task force and backed out of a weekend public event with Sen. John Kerry and gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick.

Peterson stepped down from Mayor Thomas M. Menino's Advisory Task Force a day after the Herald reported he owes $41,000 in back child support for two kids, was wanted on a criminal warrant for motor vehicle violations and has had two restraining orders taken out against him.

Mayor makes move on unmarked cars

Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday ordered municipal plates affixed to six unmarked city cars just hours after the Herald obtained the vehicle records.

"The mayor has determined those vehicles will now carry the traditional blue MB (Municipal Boston) plate,'' Menino spokesman Seth Gittell said last night.

After nearly a two-month delay, Gittell's office coughed up a list of unmarked city cars at 5 p.m. yesterday, which was soon followed by the mayor's pronouncement.


After repeated inquiries about unmarked cars used by the city of Boston, Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday decided to mark six of the vehicles.

Might I suggest a new campaign slogan for the mayor?

Tom Menino: Doing what's best for Boston - once he and his friends get caught doing otherwise.

If anyone thinks these stories would have found their way in to the pages of the Boston "Menino By A Landslide!" Globe, were the Herald not around, I've got a tunnel downtown to sell them - only leaks on days ending in "Y".