Friday, October 28, 2005

Officer Wheelman - Revisited

The Boston Herald has an update on the story I wrote about in this post - Officer Wheelman - from last February.


A Boston police officer faces allegations that he rode away with his cousin in a getaway car from a Randolph nightclub, just after the cousin allegedly shot and killed a man, according to three Boston police officers with knowledge of the investigation.


The suspended officer, 26, who joined the Boston Police Department three years ago, was seen leaving the scene in his car with DePina, the three officers said. They said he did not contact authorities about the shooting. It was not clear whether he was the driver or the passenger.

The suspended officer, who works in District C-11 in Dorchester, has been stripped of his badge and gun. "They went and grabbed his equipment the other night," said one of the sources.


A Boston cop awaiting trial on charges he was the getaway driver in a murder in Randolph last January has a judge's blessing to leave the state and party it up this weekend at Foxwoods Casino.

"...but some are more equal than others." ~ Orwell