Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This is Sickening

Any bets on whether or not this Mother of the Year candidate "heard voices"?

A San Diego woman has been charged with pushing her two-year-old son into the path of an oncoming trolley.

Witnesses told police the woman led the toddler by the hand onto the tracks and then pushed him in front of the trolley last night.

I say hang her.

The driver was able to stop before hitting the child, who was pulled to safety by a security officer.

I say hang her anyway.

Anyone who could do that to her own child doesn't need to be depriving the rest of us of perfectly good oxygen.

UPDATE: OK, after we're done hanging her, can we strap her corpse into the electric chair and light her up like a Christmas tree?

It turns out she pushed her kid in front of the onocoming trolley only AFTER her attempts to have him run over by the nearby freight train failed.

I'll bring the eggnog.