Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blaming New Hampshire Criminals

From the Boston Globe:

A QUADRUPLE HOMICIDE in Dorchester Tuesday appalled residents and rocked an already-teetering Boston Police Department. The city's murder toll now stands at 71, the highest since 1995, and law enforcement officials appear incapable of getting a firm grip on the situation.

Efforts by the Boston police to develop useful intelligence on gang activity and revive crime-fighting partnerships with state and federal law enforcement agencies are not bearing fruit. The information that reaches City Hall and the public is often vague or out-of-date. For example, much has been said by police of late about the flow of weapons from New Hampshire gun dealers to criminals in Boston. But police now believe that home burglaries of licensed weapons may be responsible for the flood of guns.

What? You mean to tell me Mayor "Blame Montpelier" Menino has no friggin' clue what he's talking about? I'm absolutely shocked! I honestly don't know how my fragile eggshell fantasy world will ever handle such a devastating blow.

On a related note, should the day ever come where my house is burglarized during the day and my handgun stolen and used in to murder some 15-year-old in Dorchester, we can all thank Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner O'Toole for requiring me to keep my gun out of my direct control when I leave my private property.

How do you spell "common sense"?