Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cowboy City

From the Boston Herald:

Violence holds Hub hostage

On a day that Boston buried two young men felled by gunfire, Mayor Thomas M. Menino told the Herald he is "frustrated" by the relentless shootings plaguing the Hub and vowed to "change everything" about the way his administration deals with youth violence.

Menino's going to "change everything"? Yeah, right. Who wants the honor of hoisting the Bullshit Flag on this one? My arm's tired.

"This is not cowboy city, we are not going to let this city be taken over," Menino said.

Ahhh, yes. Another "shootout at the O.K. Corral" reference, usually trotted out to argue against allowing law-abiding citizens to arm themselves. The crux of the "logic" being that if we let law-abiding people carry handguns, we'll see an increase in violent crime. Yeah, whatever. I think we can officially kick that talking point to the curb now.

In Mumbles' defense, I'll say this, though.

He's right.

This isn't "cowboy city".

Back in those "scary" days of the "wild west", criminals were punished - swiftly and severely. Today, they're shuffled through a "revolving door" justice system that bends over backwards to keep these people on the streets. A slap on the wrist and they're back on the streets - surprise, surprise - committing crimes. Who'd have thought?

Back in the frontier days of the 19th century, law-abiding men were allowed to wear firearms openly and use said firearms to defend their wives, children, and neighbors from harm. Today, we, the people of Boston are being brainwashed by those holding the chains of power, and who know what's "best for us", to surrender our personal sovereignty to the "authorities", and our personal belongings to any two-bit thug who asks for them.

Yeah, thank God, we're not living in "cowboy city".