Thursday, December 15, 2005

Reilly's Off And Running...

...right out of his friggin' tree.

Reilly Launches First Shots In Governor's Race

Let the mudslinging begin. A day after Governor Romney said he would not run for re-election, Attorney General Tom Reilly officially announced he'’s in the race -– and he took shots at Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, a likely candidate for the Republican nomination.

In a Thursday morning news conference, Reilly, a Democrat, called Healey a "willing participant" in an administration that presided over the loss of jobs and population in the state, and which vetoed a bill to promote stem cell research in Massachusetts.

Of course, the state legislature, that holy and anointed body of untouchables, unaccountable to the will of the electorate, and comprised overwhelmingly of liberal, pro-big government Democrats, that has taxed and regulated the hard-working people of Massachusetts to the point of physically fleeing the state, had absolutely no part in any of that.


In Reilly's defense, I'll say this. He does have a somewhat valid point. When he becomes governor, the population of Massachusetts is guaranteed to skyrocket. Granted, all the people moving into the state at that time will be illegal aliens and non-tax-paying welfare recipients, but why let yourself get bogged down with minor technicalities like that when you've got voters to bullshit.

I predict any future Reilly governorship would be a short-lived one, however.

Once the illegal aliens realize that "Team DiRT" (DiMasi, Reilly, Travaglini) will give them anything they want by way of government handouts, all at the expense of the taxpayers who haven't moved out-of-state yet, it won't be long before they start demanding the right to purchase and carry firearms.

Words of advice: Be sure you're out of the blast radius when Reilly's head explodes as a direct result of that moral quandary. You wouldn't want to get what little gray matter there might be in there on you.

Ever try washing brain out of suede?