Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Dirtbag Who Would Be Governor

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly, for whom, as you all know, I have nothing but the utmost love and respect scorn and derision, has decided that it's now OK to impede police investigations of suspected drunk driving fatalities in the Commonwealth, by blocking the release of medical records pertinent to said investigation.

Reilly stepped into probe of fatal accident

Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, stepping into the investigation of a crash that killed two daughters of a friend, urged the Worcester district attorney not to release records that may have revealed whether the girls had been drinking.

Northborough Police Chief Mark Leahy told the Associated Press yesterday that his investigation was stymied by the district attorney's refusal to share the autopsy reports with his department. Leahy's department was investigating whether the teenagers had been illegally served liquor. Under Massachusetts' so-called social-host law, anyone who serves alcohol to a minor may be criminally charged.

"I was certainly surprised by the involvement of the AG's office," Leahy told the AP. "They don't ordinarily get involved in these matters."

Reilly, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, acknowledged yesterday that he called Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte to urge him to keep the records private. But Reilly said he did it to protect the grieving family from publicity, because members of the news media were seeking the records.

"I called the district attorney and certainly was aware [of] this situation, was following [it]. ... These are private medical records, and they were not public records and should not be released," Reilly said last night on "Greater Boston" on WGBH-TV.

Asked about his involvement, Reilly added: ''I've had many conversations with district attorneys on cases, but, first and foremost, it was the family and the suffering they'd gone [through]. This shouldn't have even gotten this far; this family suffered enough."

Killed in the Oct. 13 accident were Shauna Murphy, 17, and Meghan Murphy, 15, of Southborough.

Two young girls are dead. Another is badly injured. Sources tell the The Metrowest Daily News that there was alcohol involved in this crash. The adult responsible for allegedly providing them with the liquor remains at large.

Surely, given the severity of the incident, the top law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth would want to get to get to the bottom of this.

The girl's father, Christopher Murphy, is a friend of Reilly's, according to Reilly's office, and he donated $300 to Reilly's campaign last June.

Or not.

Read the whole thing.

This arrogant dirtbag wants to be the next governor of Massachusetts. If he gets elected this November, the morons who voted for him will get EXACTLY what they deserve.

Words cannot begin to describe how utterly disgusting this story is.

Have I mentioned lately that Massachusetts is still losing population?