Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back On the Local Front

I would have preferred to find out the little chickenshit had taken himself out of the game with the same hatchet he used on his victims in New Bedford. But hey, a happy ending is a happy ending. Can't complain too much.

Jacob D. Robida ended the crime spree that started in a New Bedford bar by shooting himself in the head on a rural Arkansas road when he was surrounded by police, officials said yesterday.

Authorities had initially reported that police in Norfork, Ark., shot Robida on Saturday after a 16-mile chase that started when he shot and killed a police officer in Gassville. But forensic tests found the fatal bullet came from the 9mm Ruger handgun that Robida also used to kill his female passenger, said Bristol District Attorney Paul F. Walsh Jr.

Whadda you know? The writers down on Morrisey Boulevard got the weapon designation correct. Quite the refreshing change from all the ".9-caliber" and "38mm" "handcannons" we've read about in the past.