Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why the Left Is Losing

Michelle Malkin brings us (via The Colossus of Rhodey) this brilliant example of the application of moral equivalence we've seen all too often coming from the left side of the aisle. From political commentator Mara Liasson speaking on Fox News:

A case can be made that the Danish newspaper did this as a provocation, in poor taste, whatever--maybe they shouldn't have published them--but the reaction has been equally egregious.

Now, compare and contrast that dribbling bit of lunacy to this quote from Boston Globe columnist H.D.S. Greenway:

There is a lot of posturing on both sides, and a lot of political theater as well.


And to think that such a "progressive", "reality-based" mentality has yet to win over the hearts and minds of Middle America.

Truly shocking.

UPDATE: Via the inimitable Sondra K. (emphasis hers mine ours):

If people looked at these cartoons and were to replace the images of the Holy Prophet with images of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary, they can see that, even in our culture, if they were directed at the Judeo-Christian traditions, there would be similar outrage[.]

- Jack Straw, British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

We're gonna need more rubber wallpaper.

UPDATE (2/8/06): This gem from the "(Almost) Too Stupid to Fisk" file comes to us from behind the sacred crystal walls of academia and intellect that surround the campus of Boston University, and protect those inside from potentially life-altering reality infections.

Muslim outrage appropriate

When I read yesterday's letters to the editor, I was astonished to find two letters supporting the Danish cartoons of Muhammad on the basis of free press ("Cartoon reaction symbolic of Muslim radicalism" and "Outrage toward cartoon is hypocritical," Feb. 7, p. 6).

What? Who let the writers of such hate-filled, subversive thought slip past the outer perimeter? Security!!!

Then the Muslims who are outraged by this are either labeled as extremists or are hypocrites on free press. Well, it is blasphemy to make any depictions of Allah and the Prophet.

That law is on the books in Denmark? I had no idea.

I cannot see how the Muslims should not be outraged when their holiest man is made a fool of, and it is against their religion. Also, I have no doubt that if a similar situation happened in America then conservative Christians would have protested as well.

I'm assuming that, as a Boston-area college student in the year 2006, you have some form of internet access at your disposal. Do yourself a favor, Hua, and disable the Stark Raving Loony Filter on your internet browser and take a few minutes to educate yourself as to the kind of "protest" taking place around the Arab world today.

Now about free press, it is a right, but there are also some responsibilities attached. A newspaper cannot just publish whatever it wants without some consideration of the consequences and the appropriateness of the subject. I mean, no one here would be trying to defend the New York Times if it published a racist cartoon on blacks...

Like certain Secretaries of State, for example?

...Latinos or Asians. The Danish cartoons fit into this category.

Hua Wen
CAS '09

Admissions standards at BU must have taken a beating recently if this moron is, in any way, representative of the mental capacity of this year's freshman class.