Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What's Wrong With This Picture?

...and, why is the Boston Globe so often the subject of discussion here when I use that post title?

So, anyone getting his or her dose of daily news from this morning will be greeted with this headline. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Well, here's what the folks walking by the newsstands will get today.

"But, maybe there simply wasn't enough room to squeeze the word 'illegal' in there."


That wouldn't exactly explain how they managed to make "Taxpayers face leap in governor's travel costs" fit nicely at the top of the next story down on the page.

So, not only do they run with the blatantly biased headline, but they do so with a typeface size one would expect to see for a story about a long overdue Red Sox world championship or the sudden death of a head of state.

And, for the record, here's the headline for that story as it appeared on this morning.

Nope. No bias there. Move along.