Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Globe Announces Gov. Race Endorsement

Well, not exactly.

They didn't go so far as to endorse the candidacy of any individual candidate. But if this article doesn't constitute an anti-endorsement, coming in the months leading up to the primary election, then I don't know what would. If the powers-that-be at the Boston Globe had any interest in endorsing Tom Reilly for Governor, there's simply no way they would have run this story.

Reilly reiterates stance on workers

Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly said yesterday it is not his responsibility to crack down on Massachusetts employers that hire undocumented immigrants, and he said he will continue his policy of taking no action against the companies.

And, what is his "policy", you ask?

In 2001, Reilly established a policy, saying his office would aggressively fight for the rights and wages of immigrant workers, legal or not, and promise not to report them to federal authorities.

He also said he would enforce wage and labor laws against companies, but not act against them for employing undocumented immigrants.

But, he wasn't running for Governor back in 2001. That was eons ago, in political terms. Surely, his position has conveniently evolved (read: flipped) since then, right? I mean, he's got voters to woo, now.

Yesterday he stood by that, even as a Globe story Sunday reported that undocumented immigrants were receiving wages from contractors on state-funded projects.

Guess not. But, hey, who cares if illegal aliens are committing identity theft and document fraud, while taking high-paying jobs away from American citizens? It's not like it's a bad thing...at least, according to would-be governor dog catcher, Tom Reilly here.

"In terms of immigration policy, that is the responsibility of the federal government, not the responsibility of the state government," Reilly said.

Well, shit, no wonder Mumbles "Pass the Buck" Menino loves this guy.

Let's read on, shall we? I'm sensing a money quote on the horizon.

A Massachusetts law states, in part: "It shall be unlawful for any employer knowingly to employ any alien in the Commonwealth ... who has not been admitted to the United States for permanent residence, except those who are admitted under a work permit."

Here's a new campaign slogan for you.

Tom Reilly for Governor
Waving the white flag, so you don't have to.

Goes nicely with this one, I must say.

Enjoy your new home in the Land of Political Irrelevance come November September, Tom. You've earned it.