Friday, July 21, 2006

Common Sense 101

From Worcester, Massachusetts:

Several people, including many children, were injured Friday evening when lightning struck a tree outside a church in Worcester.


We're told ten people were standing underneath a tree when it was struck.

Whatever happened to teaching our kids a little common frickin' sense? Isn't "Don't stand under a tree in a thunderstorm!" something that you learned when you were, like, six?

I'm guessing they can't fit such trivial lessons into the teaching curriculum anymore - not enough time between "Diversity Awareness" training and "How To Put On a Condom" class.

UPDATE: New England Cable News interviewed an eyewitness at the scene who said an adult nearby had told the people there to get out from under the tree just seconds before the lightning struck. Good advice - just a tad late, it would appear.

And for those of you who might object to my "condom class" comment above, on the basis that the injured were likely part of a local church group, feel free to substitute "Creationism 101" and "Vote Republican, Go to Heaven" in the sentence above.

Either scenario works for me.