Monday, July 24, 2006

Stricter Yo-Yo Control Needed

No, I'm not talking about term limits for our state legislators.

Did you know, that in Massachusetts, literally anyone with three bucks in his pocket can just saunter into a Toys 'R' Us and walk out with a concealed assault yo-yo? No questions asked, no license required, no criminal background check.

Taxi driver assaulted by means of a Yo Yo

About 3:30am a victim walked into District 4 to explain that while parked at the corner of Boylston Street & Massachusetts Avenue in his taxi, a white male in a red Honda Civic pulled up to the rear of his vehicle and began blowing his horn. After blowing his horn repeatedly, the suspect pulled up beside the cab and rolled down his passenger side window. The victim then rolled down his driver's side window to explain that he was parked in a taxi stand when the suspect hurled a green "Yo-Yo", striking the victim in the left side of his face. The victim declined medical attention at the scene.