Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And the Silver Medal Goes To...

What has been the second-most* bone-headed move Attorney General Tom Reilly has made during his tenure, in the furtherance of his totalitarian ideals?
Quashing the drunk driving investigation of a fatal car crash involving the daughter of a wealthy campaign contributor.
Advocating for taxpayer-funded tuition discounts for illegal aliens, and lying to the public about key details of the proposed legislation.
Fighting against auto insurance reform, which would allow the free market to determine auto insurance rates in the state.
Forcing Toys 'R' Us to remove $5 plastic slingshots from their shelves, on the grounds that they are defined by state law as "dangerous weapons".
Threatening to arrest and prosecute storeowners for selling cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving morning.
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*I am assuming that his enforcement of the ridiculous "Approved Firearms Roster" would have taken first place here in a friggin' landslide. So, this poll, accordingly, should be considered the vote for second place.