Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From the Pages of Not the Boston Globe

I'm sure these two fine, upstanding members of the community were just looking to borrow a cup of sugar from their elderly neighbor, in order to finish the batch of cookies they were baking for their parish bake sale.

The alleged home invasion happened around 3 a.m. at Gordon Absher's house at 3440 Old Bowling Green Road in Scottsville.

"Alleged"? Try "foiled".

Absher says someone rang the doorbell, and when he looked outside he saw two men with their faces covered holding shotguns. Absher opened his door, pointed a pistol at one of the suspects and then grabbed the suspect's gun. Absher says the two men ran down the driveway to their truck, leaving the shotgun and other evidence behind.

All those in favor of letting Mr. Absher keep the shotgun, raise your hand.

Now, given that Senators Clinton, Kennedy, and Feinstein (to name but a few) believe that the federal government should have carte blanche authority to confiscate Mr. Absher's firearms during times of extreme strife, when he might have the most dire need for them, how do you suppose they feel about law-abiding senior citizens like him having access to privately-owned firearms during times of tranquility, such as last Tuesday morning?

No skin off their backs, I guess. In fact, they'd likely see it as a plus if they could get his guns melted down into mini-manhole covers, à la Mumbles, and have these little shits put a round of 00 buckshot into his chest.

Besides, the old, knuckle-dragging coot was probably going to vote Republican. And the two welfare-state, crack-addled losers, whose votes the Democrats could then count on for decades to come, would be spared from getting shot.

Quick scorecard check, for those of you playing along at home: two potentially deceased scumbag "youths" vs. one potentially dead, elderly homeowner.

AH-HA! You see! Just a little more "common sense" gun control would have resulted in a potential net gain of one child's life saved. And, isn't that what it's all about?

Have I mentioned lately what a bunch of morally repugnant, reprehensible, anti-American asswipes these aforementioned "public servants" are?

And, as for the lack of coverage in the Boston Globe...

OK, so there's probably not much local interest, here in the People's Progressive Paradise of Massachusetts, in a story of this nature playing itself out in the back woods of Kentucky.

But, does anyone think, for one second, that if this story was about a couple seventh graders carrying a loaded gun to school in Allen County, Kentucky, and threatening their classmates, that the Boston Globe wouldn'’t be all fucking over it?

Didn't think so.