Friday, September 08, 2006

Quote of the Day - Dead Horse Edition

Certainly if an individual showed up at my door with a shotgun, I’d protect myself.

- Sheriff Marty Talbert, Howard County, Indiana

Zendo Deb at TFS Magnum has the rest of the story.

Also, from the notable quotables therein...

"Slonaker [the armed citizen who was able to defend himself from the shotgun-wielding scumbag at the front door - ed.] is licensed to carry a firearm," Talbert continued. "However a permit is not required to possess a handgun in your own home, or on your own property."

It is in Massachusetts.

Who's up for a pop quiz? I'll make it an easy one (as if they're ever beyond a second-grade level of difficulty).

QUESTION: Let's say you have the tragic misfortune of being a low-income resident of one Boston's crime-ridden neighborhoods. Should you find yourself in the same situation as Mr. Slonaker there, your fearless leader, Mayor Tom Menino would rather:

A: see you take a round of buckshot in the ass

B: allow you to protect yourself and your family with the most effective means possible against those for whom all the gun control laws in the world amount to a hill of shit.

Very compassionate man, that Mumbles, no?

So, am I beating this dead horse enough for ya?


Some dead horses need beating.

Now, if anyone from the Mayor's office would care to refute my claim that the mayor's preferred outcome in such a scenario is a defenseless resident of Boston getting gunned down in his or her foyer by a couple gangbanging thugs*, rather than an armed citizen willing and able to defend his or her family from the same, I'm ALL EARS!

The floor is yours.



Needless to say, these two little scumbags would never make it to Menino's front door at a half-our past midnight, or any hour of the day, for that matter. His private, 24-hour, heavily-armed security detail, paid for with the tax dollars of the weak and defenseless, would see to that.

Yet, more than two-thirds of the voters in this city, as of last November, think he's the best man for the job.

Well, you get what you pay for, I suppose.

* OK, so maybe his dream scenario in that case would be for the innocent victim to get beaten with the butt end of the shotgun before being robbed and/or raped. That way, he'd still be able to count on the votes of both individuals involved come November 2009.