Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sticking With the Playbook

mAss Backwards - 10/10/06:

Will [David Scondras'] attorneys be playing the victim card in his defense of these current allegations? Can't say I'd be too surprised if they did.

Boston Herald - 10/14/06:

Disgraced Cambridge activist David Scondras is accusing Lawrence cops of police brutality in the wake of his arrest this week on sex charges, even as his longtime friend, Mayor Kenneth E. Reeves, urges him to "seek psychiatric help."


In his resignation letter, Scondras pointed the finger of blame at the cops.

Yeah, clearly, it's the Lawrence cops' fault for forcing you to show up with booze and lubricant, in hopes of raping some under-aged boy in the bushes behind that school.


"I was the victim of a vicious beating by some members of the Lawrence police several days ago and have received a lot of media coverage," he said. "These reports are not true. I am innocent of any wrong doing but I can not talk about the case on the advice of my attorney."

Color me skeptical.

Inspector Callahan, what say you?

[after a battered crook has accused Harry of beating him]
Chief: Have you been following that man?
Harry Callahan: Yeah, I've been following him on my own time. And anybody can tell I didn't do that to him.
Chief: How?
Harry Callahan: Cause he looks too damn good, that's how!

Cambridge politico David Scondras
is shown in a booking photo
released by Lawrence police.
(Boston Herald)