Thursday, November 02, 2006

From Last Night's Debate

So, I was all set this morning to post the "Quote of the Week" from last night's final gubernatorial debate, once the transcript was made available on-line.

Unfortunately, the transcript up at today isn't as accurate as I'd hoped, perhaps due to the fact that the debate was a chaotic free-for-all. Between the cheers and jeers from the audience (largely comprised of undisciplined fifth and sixth-graders, I'm guessing) and Cokie Roberts' total suckjob as moderator, I'm not surprised they couldn't get the transcript right.

If anyone taped the debate last night and can provide me with the rest of this quote from Grace Ross, I'd appreciate it.

The people of this state, when you ask them, what is it about rape, we only know one thing that works against rape, and you know this if you're a criminologist, is for women to be taught self-defense. So we've got to start talking about real solutions, and the real solution to crime is not tough arguments.

The phrase "fight back" was definitely in there somewhere.

And, from the always-superb galleries of Oleg Volk, comes this "Question of the Day". I won't presume to answer for Deval Patrick, but seeing how he supports a system of firearms licensing that routinely denies the most law-abiding of citizens the right to self-defense, well...I'll let you connect the dots.

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