Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not Wasting Any TIme

The polls have been closed for barely12 hours, and the gun-banning brigade is already off and running.

Bill would urge ban on pellet, BB guns

New Bedford might call for statewide action

New Bedford city councilors will vote tomorrow on a measure that urges state legislators to ban pellet, BB, and replica guns, weeks after a 38-year-old man was fatally shot by police after drawing a pellet gun.

Yeah, it was the BB gun's fault.

On Oct. 26, two police officers encountered Lamont S. Cruz in a New Bedford crack house. Cruz, a recovering drug addict who was studying to become a drug counselor, drew a pellet gun, authorities said. Officers Justin Kagan and Arthur Hegarty fired their guns, killing Cruz. Both officers remain on paid administrative duty while the office of Bristol District Attorney Paul F. Walsh Jr. investigates the shooting.

Cruz, who had two daughters, had been on parole stemming from a 1990 manslaughter conviction.

I'm not sure how the number of, or gender of his offspring is relevant to this discussion, but if it makes the reader feeeeeeel better about banning plastic guns, then that's what matters the most. It's the Massachusetts way.

Perhaps, if the prosecutors involved in that case we're less "compassionate" and went for a murder conviction, instead of manslaughter, this man's daughters would still be able to visit their loving father in prison - and not at his graveside.

But, we can't have that. That would require us to actually address some of the real-life issues at play here [AAAAGGH!!! Reality! Run away!], and deny us this golden opportunity to do what makes us feeeeel so good.

Fucking idiots.