Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What, MA Worry?

From the Message Boards:

Knowing what we know now, should Massachusetts still worry about losing population?

There's more than a few classic responses there from the "reality-based" "progressive" community. First up, is the winner of this year's "Can't See the Forest OR the Trees" Award:

We absolutely should not worry if our population declines somewhat. Our roads are already jammed. And our housing prices are too high. I hope our population declines!

~ StonemanDedham

Translation: I want more productive, tax-paying citizens to move out of state, so the government will be forced to take more of my money to fund all the social programs they've got on tap for the illegal aliens who will be flooding into Massachusetts in record numbers to get their government-issued identification documents and free health care.

And my favorite, with my responses (as if you couldn't tell it was me):

If you don't like Massachusetts because it is fair to all its citizens and doesn't cater to the prejudices and extremism of other states then why not move to a red state?

"Fair to all its citizens"?

Surely, you jest.

You've obviously never tried to get permission from the government to own a gun.

You also have no problem with paying higher auto insurance premiums, so that the crappy drivers in the state get to pay less.

And, forcing kids to stay in crappy schools, denying their parents a voucher to get them a better education. Sounds great!

Wake up, already.

The lack of integrity, double-standards, duplicity and conniving of conservatives is nauseating!

Yeah, becuase double-standards from the left just don't exist, right?

For the record, I'm pro-choice. But, it's not the half-assed pro-choice belief system of the left. I believe a woman has the right to choose to terminate or prevent a pregnancy, but that also includes the right to terminate a would-be rapist with a lawfully carried handgun before he can impregnate her, making an abortion of the resultant pregnancy necessary.

I strongly believe that all citizens, gay and straight, should be afforded the right to marry whomever they choose. However, if a gay couple is out on the town one night, celebrating their nuptials, and is set upon by an angry mob of bigots armed with pipes and 2x4's, I believe they should have the right to put a .38 slug in the chest cavity of the armed thugs.

Sorry, kids, being pro-choice and pro-individual rights means just that.

You can't have it both ways

Unless, of course, you're a Massachusetts Democrat.