Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday's Pop Quiz Revisited

From yesterday:

Which of the following actions can be successfully eradicated through the use of legislation and "consumer safety" regulations?

(A) A psychopathic nutjob deciding one day to embark on a murderous workplace rampage, and "slaughter" his co-workers.

(B) A law-abiding citizen purchasing a firearm and carrying it on his or her person, for the purpose of self-defense and the protection of others.

From, tonight:

(CBS) CHICAGO - A gunman shot four people and took a hostage in a downtown skyscraper Friday, then was killed after police fired at him, authorities said.

I am stunned that Chicago's "common sense" handgun ban would be so blatantly ignored by some vile scumbag with vicious, cold-blooded murder on his mind.

Stunned, I tell you.

Also from the story:

The gunman, armed with a snub-nose revolver, knife and hammer, shot the four over "several minutes," police Superintendent Phil Cline said.

Four people shot over the course of "several minutes".

Thank God, the festering pile of corrupt politicians who run that town had the foresight to disarm every law-abiding folks therein.

Why, if someone in that building had the ability (they certainly had the time) to return fire in defense of themselves and their co-workers, someone might have gotten hurt.

I rest my case.