Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Laying Blame

Jay Tea at Wizbang:

This atrocity was the responsibility of one individual, one person who decided -- for whatever reason -- that this life was no longer tolerable and chose to leave it, and -- damn him to hell -- to take over 30 others with him.

This deed was not committed by a weapon, a political movement, or some failing of society. It was not carried out by a video game, a rap song, or pornography. This was, ultimately, the fault of exactly one man -- and we can't punish him for it, as he has already chosen to enact the ultimate sanction upon himself.

To deny this monster the full credit for his heinous deeds is to deny his free choice to carry it out, and to diminish the responsibility that lies at his feet, and his feet alone.


This mass shooting, like all the mass shootings that came before it, was caused by the Second Amendment to the same extent that it was prevented by federal, state, and municipal gun laws.

In addition, I think we can, at long last, retire Chapter 2 from the "Self-Defense for Liberals Handbook".

Obey your attacker and give him what he wants.

Yeah, what harm could possibly come from simply lining up against a wall?