Thursday, April 05, 2007

Off the Grid

We lost power overnight, due to area power lines being weighted down with too much of that wet, sticky global warming that was dumped all over our corner of New England yesterday. More than 12" reported in parts of the north country.

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Heavy, wet brought down power lines and trees across the state Wednesday night, leaving tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power.

I blame Al Gore.

Seriously, I should be sunbathing in my backyard today, sharing a tray of pina coladas with homeless polar bears.

At the height of the storm, more than 80,000 customers were without power, and the situation had not improved much by noon Thursday. Public Service Co. of New Hampshire said that 50,000 of its customers were still without power, 12,000 New Hampshire Electric Co-op customers had no power, Unitil reported 4,700 outages, and Granite State Electric had 3,000 outages.


We've got the generator running with an ample supply of gasoline on hand, a fire in the fireplace, more clean drinking water and food than we could possibly use in a week, and a 12-pack of PBR in the fridge (still haven't been able to procure any Narragansett 'round here).

Cable and phone are out so I'm roughing it right now at the Me and Ollie's in Exeter, enjoying their complimentary wireless internet service. Might pop on over to the range later on to put the SKS through its paces, blow through a couple boxes of .45, and try out the Remington subsonics in the 10/22.

Back later on.

UPDATE (4/6/07): The power came back on early this morning.

Generators (and transfer switches) kick ass.

It's nice to know I can run the generator all night, powering the fridge and the furnace, and not run out of gas. Still, I'll probably be heading over the Wal-mart to pick up an extra 5-gallon gas can today. I was going to top off the tank last night before going to bed, but the 2-gallon gas can in the shed was not quite as full as I thought it was [read: bone dry].

Now, it would a shame to not enjoy such a sunny day as this at the range punching 0.3" diameter holes in defenseless pieces of paper.