Monday, April 02, 2007

Goat Couture

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Despite a murder rate 60 percent higher than last year’s body count and bloodshed that continued to escalate with a shooting last night, Mayor Thomas M. Menino defiantly denied yesterday that Boston is in crisis, instead blaming the media for negative headlines.

What a surprise! It's all somebody else's fault!

Though, I have to give props to old Mumbles there for mixing it up a little and keeping things fresh. It was getting a little old, listening to him blame the gun laws in New Hampshire - the ones that recognize the rights of the citizenry - for the drug-fueled gang violence in Boston.

It's nice to see he has a new goat to kick around, if only for a short while. Don't worry, kids, I'm confident he'll be back on the Blame New Hampshire bandwagon before too long.

But in the meantime, damn you, you cold-hearted local media outlets! What's wrong with you? Is it really asking too much of you to take the story about a kid getting shot in the head on a crowded bus in the middle of the afternoon, and come with a more positive headline for it?

"City youth's marksmanship skills improving"

"48 MBTA bus passengers not shot in head"

"New stain-resistant bus seats drive down MBTA cleaning costs"

Now, get to work!