Friday, March 30, 2007

I'll Take "Things That Make Us Feel Good"...

...for $400, please, Alex.

Mia Farrow leads plea for state divestment from Sudan

BOSTON --Actress Mia Farrow showed slides from four trips to the Darfur region of Sudan as she pleaded Thursday for Massachusetts lawmakers to divest state pension funds in the African nation where experts say genocide is being committed.

Nooooo!!! Well, thank goodness we have "experts" to tell us that.

Why doesn't she just go over there and set up a gun buyback program? Boston Mayor Tom Menino held one last year, and it was a "major success", if you haven't heard. That's why the Guardian Angels showed up in Boston yesterday, to help him celebrate.

"I'm not an expert on anything...

You don't say.

...but I can convey what I know to be true," Farrow told members of the Joint Public Service Committee during a hearing at the Statehouse. "No one is safe in the Darfur region of Sudan."

I dunno, the heavily-armed Janjaweed militiamen seem to be doing OK.

KUTERI, Sudan -- The men with rifles lounged on a carpet in the sand. The five of them had come to the village that morning from the crumble of mountains nearby, and now the afternoon sun was blasting. Some sipped tea.

Because, nothing screams imminent peril quite like lounging on the rug with a fresh cup of tea.

As to Mia Farrow's feel-good divestiture plan, it should go without saying that...

[Massachusetts Governor] Deval Patrick said he supports the idea.

Of course, he does. Anything that doesn't involve empowering black people with the means to defend their lives, their dignity, and their communities is OK in the minds of the true "progressives" amongst us.

Whether we're talking about folks the other side of the Neponset River from the governor's house in Milton, or those on the other side of the Atlantic being slaughtered like lambs, the liberal establishment in this country, along with their comrades in the U.N., wants them to be as defenseless as possible at all times. It's for the "common good".

So, sure, innocent villagers will continue to be murdered.

Women will still be raped at gunpoint in alarming numbers.

More children will be starved to death or orphaned.

But, at least, they won't have any guns on 'em (someone could get hurt!).

This policy would serve one purpose, and one purpose only. It will make the limousine liberals feel good about themselves and give them a reason to pat one another on the back over cocktails in their fancy houses with their fancy friends.

And, what could possibly be more important than that?

You know my answer.

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