Tuesday, March 27, 2007

State of Emergency? Or Denial?

From the Boston Herald:

A city cleric has rolled out the "warning" mat for tourists, urging them to "think twice about vacationing in Boston" after Saturday’s slaying of Chiara Levin.

"You will take your life into your own hands if you travel to Boston. The city has lost the ability to stop the murders," the Rev. Bruce Wall, the ever-controversial pastor of Global Ministries Christian Church in Dorchester, said in a mass e-mail. He told the Herald he'll post that message around Boston on fliers if Mayor Thomas M. Menino doesn't declare a state of emergency.

"He could come out a winner on this," said Wall. He urged Menino: "Show the people who voted for you that you truly care more about them than your political career."

Don't hold your breath, Padre. You might as well ask an elephant to stop being so damn gray all the time.

And, for today's money quote, I give you the Mayor of Boston:

Menino's response to Wall: "It's totally irresponsible for anyone to say anything like that."

Once again, we see Menino capitalizing on the MTV-level attention span of his voter base, and spouting out utterly inane bullshit like that, in hopes it will make him appear as if knows what he's talking about.

You want to see what irresponsibility looks like, Mr. Mayor? Look in the mirror, you ignorant buffoon.

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Every day I wake up and look out into the woods in my backyard, enjoying my morning coffee, while checking out the deer tracks in the snow outside, I find religion and thank God I was able to get my family out of that town, and away from the idiot running the circus down there.