Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reality Disconnect of the Day

From the Boston Globe:

Kid caught with gun in school

By David Abel, GLOBE STAFF

The .44-caliber pistol was in the boy’s backpack, officials said.

When his fifth-grade teacher asked him just before class ended for the day Tuesday whether he had a gun, the 11-year-old at John P. Holland Elementary School said yes, authorities said.

Then, he took it out of his blue and gray bag and put it on his desk, while more than 20 students watched, school officials said.

The gun was loaded, police said.


The real problem is easy access to guns, said Davida Andelman, chair of the Greater Bowdoin-Geneva Neighborhood Association.

"It’s unfathomable," Andelman said. "Somehow, we need to very methodically and quickly address this issue. I know people talk about the Second Amendment, but in this day and age, why do we need to have so many guns out there?"

Typical liberal inability to connect the dots right in front of one's face.

In one breath, he says the real problem is "easy access to guns", implying that violent criminals and gangbangers are having no trouble whatsoever in obtaining firearms through illegal channels. The simple fact that these scumbags are illegally carrying guns and showing no hesitation to use them in the promotion of their illegal, violent lifestyle, is accepted by both sides of the gun control argument.

In his next breath, he asks why "we need to have so many guns out there".

"There are armed criminals all over the place, willing to prey on anyone they choose. Now, why would you want a gun to defend yourself?"

Without the ability to recognize that all the gun control laws in the world will never disarm those inclined to carry guns for illegal, violent purposes, he reverts to the dependable stand-by position that all guns are bad, there's too many of them out there, and therefore, "in this day and age", the Second Amendment is doing more harm than good, and needs to be repealed...FOR THE CHILDRENTM.

To people like this, there is NO DIFFERENCE, whatsoever, between a 16 year-old crack dealer carrying a piece of shit Jennings .22-caliber handgun in his baggy jeans and a law-abiding, 40-year-old father of two, legally carrying a $700 Colt .45 in a $200 holster under his suit coat.

Both are equally bad, in the eyes of these leftist Menino-ites.

An Arab militiaman murdering refugees in Darfur, and an elderly couple defending themselves from armed home invaders with a .22-caliber rifle?

Six of one, half-dozen of another.

A nutjob shooting up a mall full of shoppers with a pump-action shotgun, and a law-abiding citizen with a semi-automatic AK-47 in his gun safe?

Same thing.

Wait, scratch that.

The guy with the AK-47 is clearly a bigger threat to society. His gun has the ability to have a bayonet attached to it.