Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gun Control...

Because the right of a 23-year-old man to break into an elderly couple's home in the middle of the night and rob them of their possessions (best case scenario) is immeasurably more sacred than the right of the 79-year-old homeowner to prevent him from doing so.

HICKORY, N.C. -- An elderly man feared for his life and shot a 23-year-old man who broke into his home Tuesday night in Hickory.

The 79-year-old man woke up to find that someone had broken into his home.

His quick thinking may have saved his life and his wife’s.

The man told his wife to go the neighbor’s house and be safe. Get out while she could.

The man then grabbed his handgun that he had in the house and waited for the intruder.

When the burglar walked into his bedroom, the elderly man shot him in the head.

Quote of the Day honors go to Lt. Hank Guess, the police officer interviewed in the linked video, who says:

He had the right to defend himself and that's what he chose to do.

Not exactly Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy's definition of the "right to choose", is it? They and the rest of the freedom-fearing, scumbag politicians in our nation's capital and around the country just aren't too keen on allowing elderly Americans to choose to defend themselves and their families by the safe and legal use of firearms.

That list would include, obviously, Boston-based gun grabber John Rosenthal, who's got a new anti-gun billboard up along the Mass. Pike in Boston.

It looks like a ransom note, but it is not being sent by kidnappers. It is being promoted by the Patrick administration, the Boston Police Department, and the State Police, and delivered to drivers on the Massachusetts Turnpike courtesy of John Rosenthal, a provocative gun control activist from Newton.

"We have your President and Congress," declares the message in letters that look as if they had been snipped from a newspaper. It is signed simply, NRA, referring to the National Rifle Association, and will be unveiled today on a 252-foot billboard on the Mass. Turnpike near Fenway Park.

I'm debating whether or not to write anything more about that fraud and his propensity for playing around with [read: disregarding and/or obfuscating] the facts surrounding the issues he holds near and dear.

My fear is that it will turn into a Kevin Baker-esque epic post, and I'll never finish it. Perhaps a few link to some of my earlier posts featuring Rosie Rosenthal and some of his friends.

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Eek...scary guns!

Also, I did chime in with a few more bits in this thread over at the NortheastShooters.com forum, and this one over at the Boston Globe message boards.

WARNING: Be sure to plug your ears and nose with cotton balls to keep your brain cells from escaping (or simply committing suicide and rolling out your cranial orifices), should you choose to click on that second link there.

I will not be held liable for any decrease in your IQ caused by reading what some of the enlightened denizens of Massachusetts actually believe about things gun-related.