Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memo to Senator Dianne Feinstein

Up yours.

ST. LOUISVILLE, Ohio -- It took six shots from a .22-caliber rifle to drive the dogs away. By then, 12-year-old Jarred Magers suffered uncountable bites and scratches from a pack of dogs his family keeps at a rural Licking County trailer.

Jarred was talking with friend and next-door neighbor Michael Whalen, 13, when the attack occurred. The two were standing atop a haphazard collection of fences that separates their properties along Stradley Road in Eden Township, northeast of Newark, when one of the dogs jumped up and bit Michael's shoe.

When Michael couldn't shake the dog loose, Jarred hit the dog with a stick.

As many as 10 dogs -- English bulldogs, pit bulls and pit-bull mixes -- swarmed the younger boy, Michael said.

His friend went down in the flurry of their attack.

"He kept screaming, 'Shoot them! Shoot them!' " Michael said.

Shoot them? What are you, some kind of Republican?

What your friend should have done is schedule a meeting, a "summit", if you will, to reason with these animals and try to determine the root cause of their aggression. Only then, could a common-sense, progressive solution be realized.

But, seeing as this story unfolded in the Free States of America, the feel-good, do-nothing bullshit found within the enlightened pages of the "Self Defense for Liberals Handbook" wasn't adhered to all that closely.

I know. What a shame.

The older boy said he hesitated at first and then ran back to his house to get his rifle. When four warning shots failed to dissuade the animals, he aimed and shot.

Sheesh. Sounds like he didn't even try saying "please" first.

The teen said he thought he killed one with a shot to the body. The sixth shot went through a second dog's leg.

"At first they didn't stop, but when they saw I was serious, they let go," he said.

Yeah, I imagine getting shot would have that effect on one's assailants, even of the four-legged variety.

Michael then helped Jarred climb over the fence, and went to call 911.

Of course, Dianne Feinstein's preferred method of having members of the lowly proletariat class handle a situation like this includes the phrases "Call 911" and "Watch friend get killed by a bunch of dogs".

I think it has something to do with "social justice" or "climatological uncertainty", or whatever catchy buzzwords the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party happens to be pimping this week.

Another neighbor, Mary Burns, told Jarred to lie in the grass until help could arrive. The Licking County 911 Center said the call came in about 2:30 p.m.

A medical helicopter flew the boy to Children's Hospital in Columbus. A nursing supervisor said his condition was not available yesterday evening. Michael said Jarred's mother, Samantha, called their house and said he was undergoing surgery.

Michael said his friend's pants were ripped off in the attack. He had scratches on his arms, legs and back and was covered in bite marks.

"He was messed up pretty bad," Michael said, adding that he could see the bones in Jarred's knee through the cuts.

"This was a sustained attack," said Licking County Dog Warden Jon Luzio, who arrived at the scene later. "It could have been a fatality."

What? A firearm in the hands of a 13-YEAR-OLD BOY quite possibly SAVED A CHILD'S LIFE??? How can that be??? Everyone knows that guns, especially extra-violent semiautomatic rifles such as the one used in this story, have but one sole purpose in life - to mow down as many innocent lives, in as short a timeframe, as possible.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino has been telling us for years that guns and kids don't mix.

Why, it's almost as if those schemeing little fascists holding the chains of power in the gun control movement have been (gasp!) lying to the American people all these years.

That, as I'm wont to say, is simply shocking.


Michael Whalen, 13, holds the gun that he used
to shoot a pack of dogs that were attacking
Jarred Magers, 12, whose mother owns the dogs.
Jarred was flown to Children's Hospital.
Photo by Morgan Wonorski, The Advocate

Good job, kid. I'd by you a beer, but you're only... Nah, screw it! I'll still buy you a beer. You done good.

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