Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How Can You Tell When Rudy Giuliani Is Lying?

He says something as immeasurably incredulous as this.

[Giuliani] added that he believes in only three restrictions for those wishing to exercise their Second Amendment right — a previous criminal record, a history of mental instability and an age requirement.

Yeah, um, make that five, Rudy. You left off "insufficient funds in one's checking account" and "a failure to become a rich and famous celebrity".

Giuliani's no more credible than Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney on this topic. Who the hell is falling for this blatant, pandering, conniving, election season horseshit?

In all seriousness, you might as well prop up Ted Kennedy and Dianne Feinstein in front of a bunch of cameras wearing color-coordinated Ted Nugent t-shirts, NRA leather bomber jackets, and matching Five-seveN's in tactical thigh holsters. It would be equally as convincing.

Well, to those of us with more brain cells than our shoe size, anyway.

The article continues:

During his two terms as mayor, Giuliani supported strict gun laws at both the local and national level and advocated the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. But as a presidential candidate, he vows to protect Second Amendment rights at the federal level allowing state and local authorities to determine their own "reasonable" restrictions.

Yeah, he only favors "reasonable" restrictions.

Just like Mitt, no doubt.

And, hey, speaking of liars and frauds, here's what the Brady Bunch allegedly* had to say on this topic.

New Hampshire, the Live Free Or Die State, is known for its limited gun-control laws, including no waiting period for purchases, no background checks for buyers of rifles and shotguns and no restrictions on children under 18 possessing firearms, according to the Brady Campaign, a gun-control advocacy group.

Yep, that's New Hampshire, all right.

The state where eight-year-olds can simply walk into any gun shop they want and stock up on AK-47's, .50 BMG rifles, and pump-action riot guns, with no questions asked and no background checks required.

Hey, why bother telling the truth and dealing in factual information, when distorting reality abd lying out your ass about anything and everything has worked so well for you all these years?

*Normally, I'd credit something this ass-reamingly idiotic to sloppy, inaccurate reporting or typographical error. But, considering the source...