Friday, February 22, 2008

Stay Tuned

Via GaryO at the NES Forum, comes word that Fox 25 News in Boston will be running a story tonight about police officers selling their old "high-powered guns" to civilians, presumably individuals already holding a valid Massachusetts License to Carry Own.

Look for the PSH to get spread on nice and thick.

And, keep in mind (not that any of my regular readers need reminding), the Boston media definition of "high-powered" firearms differs substantially from ours.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Can't post much now. Gotta clean all the bullshit out of my TV's speakers. I hope they put up a transcript of this gem. Here's a highlight to set the mood.

"...high-capacity revolvers..."

~ John Rosenthal

It's long past time anyone took this boob seriously.

UPDATE II: The video is up this morning on the website.

Even the intro from that page is somewhat misleading.

Police everywhere say they want to get guns off the street, but our investigative team found that in some cases, they actually be doing [sic] just the opposite. Investigative reporter Mike Beaudet reveals what's happening to some old police guns when law enforcement agencies buy new ones.

Seems to me, that in all cases (unless there's something they're not telling us), they're selling their old weapons to federally-licensed dealers, in total compliance with existing state and federal law. If that's the media's new definition of "putting guns on the street", we've just seen another shifting of the goal posts.

Not to mention, Rosenthal's new definition of "high capacity handgun", which now includes 6-shot revolvers.

I'll post a longer response later on, I'm sure, including Bruce's Rule of Thumb #20: Anyone who employs the phrase "putting guns on the street", when discussing laws that restrict the rights of non-criminals to purchase and possess firearms, is likely (98%) a disingenuous stooge.

To them, every time an individual lawfully purchases a gun and puts it in his gun safe at home, he's just put another gun "on the street". The phrase has now been rendered meaningless, which, of course, guarantees that it will continue to be a favorite of the Anti-Gun Bigot Brigade (Crowley, Rosenthal, Menino, etc.) for years to come.

Meaningful concepts such as freedom, liberty, self defense, limited government, personal responsibility, and the swift incarceration of violent criminals are rather lost on them.