Monday, February 18, 2008

Pantsuit on Fire


Hillary Clinton, the huntress? Yup.

The New York senator was trying to reassure voters in a Wisconsin sausage joint, the Brat Stop, this afternoon that "no lawful gunowner has anything to worry about" from her with gun control, and let on that she’d chambered more than a few rounds in her time.

You see? She's really on our side. We'd have nothing to worry about. Unless, you know, we actually want to maintain possession of our guns.

"You know you may not believe it, but I’ve actually gone hunting," she said to some surprise and laughter. "I know, you may not believe it, but it’s true. My father taught me to shoot a hundred years ago."

Well, well. We wondered, did she have any hunting tales to tell? Did she ever shoot anything?

"A duck," she answered a bit later in a press availability. "And a lot of tin cans, and a lot of targets, and some skeet."

mAss Backwards - June 2005:

I'll tell you this much. Hillary (or whoever the Dem nomination turns out to be) had better start getting in some serious practice at the skeet shooting range if she wants to be in true John Kerry-like form for the 2008 presidential race. For my money, that would be the most entertaining part of the campaign - listening to Hillary explain how she's on the side of the nation's gun owners (and you thought Kerry looked ridiculous in those hunting photo-ops with his fresh-off-the-rack L.L. Bean barn jacket).

Show me a voter who doesn't think she'd be entirely hostile toward the rights of gun owners, were she to move into the Oval Office, and I'll show you someone with the cognitive capacity of sand.