Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Modest Request

If you insist on issuing death threats against your humble host here at No Looking Backwards, please do us all a favor and learn the English language first.

U fuckin pieces of shit. I wish I knew who was blogging this bullshit about Charlie. Id find you and cut you in a sec. After I just read yah litle shit saying all that crap about C Ware, u got me fuckin heated. C ware was th most legit kid youd ever meet. Yah he made a fucki mistake aight, who the fuck hasnt drank some beers and drove home. If i find out who started this blog iLL kill u thats a promise.

CHarlie i miss you man, too many memories with you. RIP GUY FUck this faggit whos writing thi shit I hope he or she has a kid, and when there that age I hope they die she how they feel( fuckin losa)

Well, I'm nothing if not accommodating. So, if you'd be so kind to shoot me an e-mail, I'd be happy to provide you with my home address. I'm home most nights. Let me know when you want to drop by and I'll be sure to leave a window by the back deck unlocked for you.

Bonus Comical Side Note: the IP address from whence this garbled missive came belongs to an institution of supposed higher learning in Massachusetts.