Friday, April 25, 2008

Speaking of Recycled Headlines

Don't look now, but Massachusetts taxpayers' dollars are being flushed down the toilet...again. Who could have foreseen such a thing?

I-Team: BPW Employees Caught On Tape Slacking

BOSTON (WBZ) ― Boston Public Works crews roll out of the yard and the I-Team is right behind. The I-Team tracked crews all across the city -- from Dorchester to Charlestown and out to Hyde Park and caught city workers doing personal business in city vehicles on your dime. Others were just hanging out doing nothing at all.

Public works employees slacking off.

Clintons lying.

Dogs licking their nutsacks.

It's what they do.

"At a time where the city is in a really tight budget… This is wasteful spending that can't be accepted," said Sam Tyler, president of the Boston Municipal Research Bureau -- an organization that promotes efficient and responsible government.

Hey, kids, how's that property tax relief coming along that the Devaluator promised you?

But the city was warned about issues like this when similar problems in the department were exposed last year. Employees were spoken to, but in several cases, behavior hasn't changed. "The fact you were able to find it commonplace, that upsets me. That should upset everybody."

But shock no one.

Does anyone know if they're still looking for new state motto suggestions down there?

Massachusetts: A nice place to make fun of,
but you wouldn't want to live here.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an important errand to run.

Range report to follow.