Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bad Bystanders!

What were these people thinking?

LOS ANGELES—A man with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire at a church festival Saturday, wounding his ex-wife and two bystanders before several festival-goers grabbed him, wrestled his gun away and held him for police, witnesses and authorities said.

Have these people not been paying attention? Have they all misplaced their copies of "The Self Defense For Liberals handbook"? Everyone knows you're supposed to comply with your attackers wishes and let him do whatever he pleases.

The proper "progressive" response in situations such as this is to call your government for help and wait patiently for your turn to be a victim. How are we ever going to create an entire generation of hapless, limp-wristed wards of the State with these disrespectful, rabble-rousing vigilantes carrying on like that?

Let's get with the program! Future displays of courage, personal responsibility and genuine, selfless compassion for others will not be tolerated.

Hope and change, people!!!

Sempelsz said another church volunteer grabbed the man and began struggling for the gun, a .22-caliber rifle made to look like an M-16 assault rifle. The shooter managed to point the weapon at that man's face, Sempelsz said, before he jumped in to help and they managed to wrestle it away.

Stay tuned for the PSH-laden press release from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, railing against the easy availability of these "subcompact, cop-killer assault bullets" that can be purchased at Wal-Mart for less than three cents each.

They'll call it the "new bullet of choice" for crazed shooters.

I'd put money on it.