Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Only Ones "Professional Enough"...

As someone who lives on the edge of the "evacuation radius" around Seabrook Station, I can't say this has me brimming with confidence in the plant's security protocols.

Shooting accident third in 9 months by nuke plant guards

"Accidents"? Really?

SEABROOK — Three nuclear power plant security officers were the triggermen during separate accidental shootings during the past nine months, according to police.

The most recent incident involved an off-duty Seabrook Station security officer who accidentally shot a 9 mm bullet through his hand and will face criminal charges after making some medical progress, said Seabrook Police Chief Patrick Manthorn.

Let's see, he apparently pointed a loaded handgun at his hand and pulled the trigger. Unless there's some other way of shooting yourself in the hand that I'm not aware of, I'd say at least two counts of misdemeanor dumbass would be warranted.

The Seabrook chief did identify him as a resident of the Governor Weare Apartment complex, at 689 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, the same address where another off-duty nuclear plant officer misfired his gun in a different building during an unrelated incident. That shooting occurred Jan. 25 when power plant security trainer Joshua Hill pulled the trigger of his Springfield Armory handgun and shot a .45 caliber bullet through the floor of his apartment and into the living space below.

Manthorn said Hill, a security instructor at the nuke plant, was cleaning his gun at the time "and didn't realize it was loaded."

But, of course.

That's perfectly believable (just as long your definition of "cleaning one's gun" includes the phrase "playing Travis Bickle in front of the mirror").

A third recent and accidental shooting by a power plant officer was reported to Seabrook police in the fall, Manthorn confirmed Wednesday. That shooting occurred when the unnamed officer was holstering a .357 Sigarms pistol and "a round went off in the (nuclear plant) armory," said Manthorn. No charges were filed, said the Seabrook chief.

In 2002, another unnamed nuclear plant security guard was suspended without pay after he accidentally fired his gun inside a plant security post.

Something in the water maybe? Has the cooling tower been checked for leaks recently?

Seabrook power plant officers are not employed by the plant, but by the Wackenhut Corporation, a $3 billion global security provider with headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. In response to the Herald's request for comment, Wackenhut spokesman Marc Shapiro said he was unavailable for an interview, but assured "all Wackenhut employees undergo a rigid employment screening process before hire.


Like string.

Then, they are thoroughly trained in accordance with (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) requirements."

They're trained in accordance with standards approved by the federal government. What could possibly go wrong?