Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Comrade Clinton Speaks

Her Filthiness:

In the short term, I do want a gas tax holiday but to pay for it by putting a windfall profits tax on the oil companies.... The oil companies have made out like bandits, and there is no basis for them to have these huge profits. They're not inventing anything new.... You set a baseline and, above that baseline, you begin to tax their profits.

You wanna see what "making out like bandits" looks like?

I've got your "excess profits" right here, lady.

Johnny Depp's legendary turn as Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Carribbean" franchise has helped make him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

"Between June 2006 and June 2007, he made $92 million," said Forbes magazine's senior editor Lea Goldman. She attributes Depp's success to talent, luck and old-fashioned business savvy.

Of course, I'm speaking facetiously here. Johnny Depp made oodles of cash because he's a very talented actor who helped bring to the screen some wildly successful movies that a lot of people wanted to see. More power to him (even if he is a whiny leftist, ashamed to have once lived in the greatest country on Earth).

If you don't think people would be willing to pick lettuce for $50 an hour, try suggesting to someone like Depp or Brad Pitt that they sign on to make a movie at that pay grade.

Side note: When was the last time you heard a liberal complain that Johnny Depp and his grotesquely huge paychecks were stealing school supplies from our children? Capitalism: it's OK, so longs as those on the receiving end are liberal, Hollywood elites and the politicians whose campaigns benefit the most from their largesse.

Here's how it works (simplified version).

Studio pays actor tons of cash to make movie.

Studio release movie to theaters nationwide.

People choose (AAAAGH!!! FREE CHOICE!!!) to go out to the movies, paying upwards of $12 per ticket in some cities.

Studio makes profit.

Am I going too fast for you?

I'd no sooner propose a "blockbuster movie profit tax" than I would propose a taxpayer-funded bailout for the studio that releases the next "Ishtar". Yet, by following Hillary's "logic", she'd have you believe that increasing the tax burden on Hollywood movie studio executives would somehow result in a drop in movie ticket prices.

Two words: Fantasy. Land.

Seriously, If anyone thinks either of the Democrat candidates has a serious, viable plan to lower gas prices, they're delusional. They've both wholeheartedly embraced such socialistic, left-wing concepts as government-controlled limits on the pricing of marketable goods (cleverly disguised as "going after price gougers") and the earnings of those individuals producing and selling said goods (confiscatory taxation of arbitrarily determined "excess" profits).

Still waiting for someone to show me where such policies have borne fruit. Ever wonder why you're not hearing about any Hollywood leftist kooks threatening to move to Zimbabwe if we elect a Republican president in November? You'd think some of them would fit right in.

Seriously, if you think gas is expensive now, wait until President Hillary or Obama "fixes" the problem. Of course, they both know she's talking complete shit. But, they also know that the less than adequately informed voters in this country eat that "stick it to the rich folks" shit up like it's going out of style. Does the phrase "by any means necessary" ring a bell?

You wanna help lower the price of gas? Adopt a free market-based, approach that allows individuals and corporations to profit from their investment in the development of alternative energy technology. As it is with health care, gratuitous government intervention can ONLY stifle innovation and creativity.

You'd be amazed at what can be accomplished by getting the government out of the private sector's affairs and allowing basic free market principles, such as consumer choice and supply and demand, to stimulate real economic and technological growth.

Of course, the very utterance of the phrase "free market" is like a kryptonitic enema to these two unapologetic Marxists.