Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When 4 out of 5 = FAIL

A local radio station is having a contest where callers can qualify for a drawing by answering five trivia questions...incorrectly.

All you have to do is give five wrong answers. For example...

Q: Who wrote Hamlet?
A: Linoleum

Sounds easy, right? In fact, barring any questions pertaining to floor covering materials, I'd think it would be pretty safe to offer "linoleum" as the answer to all five.

This morning's caller (whom I assumed to be sighted) missed one.

Q: Name a part of your body you can't see.
A: Hand.


UPDATE: As Bob C. commented...

I don't get it.... you CAN see your hand. The question is name something you CAN'T see, so naming something you CAN see would be WRONG, thus fulfilling the requirement of incorrectly answering the question.

Am I just confused?

Good point.

Maybe, I heard the question wrong. But the radio folks seemed to imply that the caller screwed up. This was pre-coffee so I might not have been paying attention.

(Bruce exits to get a refill on his coffee)