Sunday, May 04, 2008

Said the Cheetah to the Gazelle

"Stay away from those lions over there. They'll eat you alive. Stick with us. We've got your back."

Or, in this case, it's Hillary Clinton trying to convince Indiana gun owners that they should stick with her if they value their 2nd Amendment rights.

Hillary Clinton or one of her allies is reaching out to gun owners in Indiana.

Two voters report receiving a telephone call from a woman, reading from a card, who said that if the voter valued his (and in one case her) guns, they ought not "trust Obama" and should vote for Hillary Clinton instead.

That's one serious Costco-size bucket of snakeoil she's selling there.

Remember, Hillary Clinton's list of "reasonable restrictions" on one's right to arms includes the wholesale confiscation of all types of firearms (shotguns, rifles, and handguns) from law-abiding citizens at times when a lawfully-owned firearm would be needed the most for the defense of one's home and family.

I know. A Clinton telling a lie. I'm shocked too.

Say Uncle links to the photographic evidence.

Pot, kettle, etc.

UPDATE: And, just to further Clinton's credentials as an out-of-touch elitist, who knows nothing about ordinary, middle-class Americans and the guns they own, her campaign chose a Mauser Model 66 (photo-reversed) for the picture.

A cursory glance on-line shows they go for anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.


Hint for Hillary: The next time you want to mail out such shameless and disingenuous propaganda as this, try using a picture of this $375 Savage or this $354 Marlin, both available at select Wal-Mart stores.

Then, there's "Hope08" (gee, I wonder who she's voting for) writing over at the Daily Kos (indirect Google link here) who finds the mailer violent and disturbing.

Money quote:

It's a mailer attacking Obama on being anti-gun. He's not but whatever.

Reality awareness is obviously not her strong suit.

(H/T to 'bannockburn', posting at THR, for the ID on the rifle)

UPDATE II: has more.

Sen. Hillary Clinton’s mailing attacking Sen. Barack Obama’s record on guns appears to include a striking visual gaffe: The image of the gun pictured on the face of the mailing is reversed, making it a nonexistent left-handed model of the Mauser 66 rifle.

To make matters worse, a prominent gun dealer said, it’s an expensive German gun with customized features that make it clearly European.


The Mauser 66, released in 1966 and no longer manufactured, is a high-end hunting rifle that found military use as a sniper rifle. In Clinton’s mailing, it’s pictured with a double-set trigger, a customization that’s popular in Europe but “almost unheard of in the United States,” Forgett said.

“It’s a $2,200 German import — it’s hardly typical of what the average workingman in Indiana uses,” he said.

You don't say.