Monday, September 08, 2008

Boston Globe's Vennochi Spinning Blindly

This one is right up there with MSNBC's perceived shift to the left.

Questions about Palin's qualifications and ability to juggle children and career dominated convention headlines, along with the soap opera revolving around the candidate's 17-year-old pregnant, unmarried daughter.

Taking a page from the Clinton campaign handbook, the first-term governor of Alaska and former mayor of Wasilla skillfully turned the criticism into a sexist attack by Washington elites.

Nice try.


It worked in the convention hall. But once the novelty of Palin's candidacy begins to rub off, she still must answer for her weak resume and right-wing ideology.


In denial much?

Have you looked at the inexperienced, empty-suited, left-wing boob sitting on top of your party's ticket, recently, Joan?

Just so you know what Vennochi's talking about, here's Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman that she felt obligated to take a swipe at in this sad, little Palin hit piece of hers.

And, she has a problem with that because...???

Note to all the all the Joan Vennochi's of the liberal media: There's a reason why Gretchen Wilson was asked to perform at the GOP convention last week. Her music exudes mainstream American values, whether you choose to recognize that fact or not.

And, people are responding to that message.

Step outside the bubbles you're living in and come visit us in America some day. It's quite beautiful here.


Here's Gretchen Wilson teaming up with Alice in Chains doing Heart's "Barracuda" at last year's Rock Honors tribute to Heart on VH1.