Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Little Scientists

Alternate Post Title: Reason #3,299 Why We Moved

Boston Globe: Hub grads come up short in college

About two-thirds of the city's high school graduates in 2000 who enrolled in college have failed to earn degrees, according to a first-of-its-kind study being released today.

The findings represent a major setback for a city school system that made significant strides in recent years with percentages of graduates enrolling in college consistently higher than national averages, according to the report by the Boston Private Industry Council and the School Department.

However, the study shows that the number who went on to graduate is lower than the national average.

So, why am I posting this, you ask?

Surely not to waste my time talking about the many ways Tom Menino and his minions have sent the city of Boston down the crapper. I've got better things to do than list the ways the teachers' unions and their political benefactors have sold out our country's young people, in the name of money, power, and more money, while pretending to give a rat's ass about their education.

Well, I'll tell you.

Last week, one of my first-graders comes home and tells me, "Papa, we learned about molecules today! And, that when you heat up water, the molecules inside start to move faster."

But she wasn't finished.

"In water, hotter molecules rise and colder ones sink. When you heat up the molecules in metal, the metal expands. When the molecules cool down, the metal contracts."

As if I needed additional confirmation that we made the right choice in moving out of Meninostan before the girls started first grade.

But, wait, there's more.

While I was cooking breakfast this morning, one of my girls told me that she can bend a spoon using only a glass of water. She went on to tell me that if you put a spoon into a glass of water, and look down from the top, it will look like it's bent.

I ask her what that's called.

Before she can answer, her sister yells out "Refraction!".

They're six.

I'm thinking we made the right move.

UPDATE: For Anthony, who commented...

When I have children I want them to go to that school.

In case you need another reason, let me remind you of the display the kids in that school put up in the hallway last year to celebrate the Bill of Rights.

Can you believe I'm allowing my children to attend such a radical indoctrination facility such as this? What kind of free-thinking, intelligent, sovereign beings am I raising here?