Thursday, May 21, 2009

Case In Point

If you ever find yourself needing to sum up the mindset of today's leftist (or should I say, "progressive"?) Democrat, but you don't want to come across as being to wordy, look no further than these 14 words"wisdom" from Vinny G., commenting on this earlier post.

It is sick how people want to rip off the government in this economy.

No further explanation necessary.

UPDATE: As I commented on the earlier thread:

OK, I just re-read Vinny's comment.

There's simply no way he wasn't just pulling our leg, playing the role of a Bush-hating jackass.

No one's that stupid in real life.

Well-played, sir.

Damn. Now I can't decide if he was pulling our leg or not. I've received more than my share of comments scrawled by functional illiterates, and this one fits in quite nicely with the rest of 'em.

Actor, reveal thyself!