Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breaking (and AWESOME) News!!!

WBZTV.com: Mass. Senate Votes To Hike Sales, Alcohol Taxes

The Massachusetts Senate has voted to increase the state sales tax by 25 percent.

By a 29-10 vote Tuesday, the Senate agreed to raise the sales tax rate from 5 percent to 6.25 percent, mirroring a vote taken last month by House lawmakers.

Supporters said the increase would raise about $633 million in the next fiscal year and help ease some of the deepest state budget cuts. Critics said it would drive consumers to the Internet or tax-free New Hampshire.

But, wait, it gets worse better.

Senators on a voice vote also agreed to lift an existing exemption from the sales tax on beer, wine and alcohol purchased in stores, a change that would bring in an estimated $80 million for substance abuse programs.

Three things:

1. What a bunch of absolute chickenshits, hiding behind the voice vote to protect themselves from ever being held accountable to the voters, whose interests they are supposed to be representing.

2. Anyone who actually believes this extra revenue will go toward its stated purpose there, and not get tossed into the general fund for future use and misuse by the State, is a moron.

3. Are they not aware of the giant New Hampshire state liquor stores located just over the state line on all the major highways leading into New Hampshire from Massachusetts? Do they not know that those stores are already luring customers and their tax dollars away from Massachusetts?

Not to mention the Wal-Mart stores in Plaistow, Salem, Hudson, and Seabrook. They better start thinking about remodeling their beer coolers. Remember, unlike Massachusetts, here in New Hampshire, grown-ups are treated as such, and allowed to buy beer in supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations.

Good night, and God bless Massachusetts!