Saturday, June 06, 2009

One-Trick Pony Phoenix

The national unemployment rate is approaching double-digits.

The national debt is in the trillions and continues to grow.

The value of the dollar continues to drop.

Democrats in Congress are pushing "cap and trade" legislation that will cause the price of energy, manufacturing, and consumer goods to skyrocket, as well as a nationalized healthcare plan that will be paid for by billions in new tax hikes on small business owners and middle-class families.

And, the Boston Phoenix is doing what it does best.

In this sad excuse of an editorial, the Phoenix is dutifully picking up where Janeane Garofalo left off, flinging the race card like it's going out of style.

Because nothing says "Pay no attention to the crumbling U.S. economy behind the curtain!" quite like running yet another amateur-hour photoshop of Nazi-saluting Republicans and, for good measure, adding a new Secret Republican Code Word for "We hate black people!" to the Lexicon of Hopenchange.

Money quote:

Ronald Reagan proved just as slick, kicking off his 1980 campaign at an all-white Southern church and pledging himself to "state rights," which is rightspeak for keeping the black man in his place.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to.

I'll set aside, for now, the fact that Reagan kicked off his 1980 campaign for president with a speech on November 13, 1979 at the Hilton in that notoriously right-wing, all-white, Southern enclave of New York City.

Personally, I had no idea the tenth amendment was such an evil and divisive implement of hate. I guess we gotta repeal it. Any other racist amendments I'm not aware of?

I guess all those states enacting restrictive gun laws on their own accord are racist. I mean, it's no secret that gun control was first brought about in this country as a means of keeping the black man (freed slaves) in his place. In the name of racial equality, I call on all Americans to work together to repeal thse bigoted laws and ordinances.

And, while we're at it, we better repeal all those gay marriage laws in those racist states like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, etc. We can't have any of these states exercising their racist states' rights and making their own laws like that.

Being a liberal means never having to say you're consistent.

Money Quote (runner-up):

Like the New Left, the New Right advocates "power to the people" —its "people" being largely white, male, and Christian.

Not unlike the Massachusetts congressional delegation.

I will say this about the Boston Phoenix. Their readers are certainly getting their money's worth.*

*For my readers unfamiliar with this fine publication, the Boston Phoenix is available free of charge across the New England area and generates a good chunk of its revenue from its adult services advertising section.

Not that there's anything wrong with adult services, mind you.

UPDATE: File this one under "Pots and Kettles".

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