Monday, June 26, 2006

50 Bucks is 50 Bucks, eh?

So, I drove up to Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin after work yesterday to buy an 8-gun cabinet listed for sale on The seller wanted 50 bucks for it, and said it was in good shape. When I got there, he threw two boxes of .38 Special semi-wadcutters and one box of .357 hollowpoints into the equation, at no additional cost, and the deal was done.

OK, so I don't even own a .38 or a .357 wheelgun...yet. But, what was I supposed to do? Say no to the free ammo? Surely, you jest.

Anyway, here it is, now housing the Remington 870 from last year's evil gun show in New Hampshire, and the newly-scoped 10/22. I'd say I did OK for the price.

Here are a couple close-ups of the interior. I'll be building a better barrel rest with a couple offset rests for scoped rifles. Not to mention, doing something about the six empty slots (and the dearth of ammo therein).

Now, to find a minute (or 240) of free time to get to the range.