Saturday, June 24, 2006


Michael Smerconish is on C-SPAN2's Book TV right now discussing his new book, Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism - True Stories That Should be Fiction.

Description: In "Muzzled" radio talk show host Michael Smerconish describes today's culture as oversensitive. His latest book is a collection of short stories about living in a politically correct America.

From the reviews:

"In Muzzled, my American Blood Brother of status-quo-obliterating defiance, Michael Smerconish, once again smokes out the cockroaches of political correctness ... Muzzled is a great title for a book that I am convinced every American school kid should read and be tested on. If a new generation doesn't grow some intellectual balls, our Once Great Nation will continue to repeat horrific mistakes and pay the price ... Read it. Live it."

-Ted Nugent, rock star, author, television personality, and hunter extraordinaire

Works for me.